Twin Springs Pecans

Roasted Sea Salt


Traditional pecan halves roasted with premium sea salt.  The high (and heart healthy) pecan oil content makes them roast oh-so-wonderfully.  The perfect snack when you are craving salt, but want something a bit healthier!  

Available in 8 oz or 2.5 oz sizes with resealable packaging.  The 2.5 oz size is our smaller size perfect for a quick snack, school lunches, or for quick energy on your bike ride or hike.  Whichever size you choose, buy plenty, cause they won't last long.  But we'll make more.  You're welcome.  

CAUTION:  While we do our best to remove all of the shell, this is a natural product and it is normal for some shell remnants or pieces to remain.  Please inspect before consumption.  

ALLERGEN STATEMENT:  Contains butter.  We only grow and process pecans so there will be no cross-nut contamination.  Please check with your doctor before consuming pecans if you are allergic to other tree nuts.


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
John Reid
Salted pecans

Very good. My only thing might be that I’d like order a bigger bag next time.

Ruth Tomlinson
Pecan Awesomeness

Definitely the best pecans I have ever tasted regardless of which type you choose. Looking forward to the Farmer’s Market to get some more.

Melvin Brooks

Roasted Sea Salt

David Field
Just what I wanted.

One of my favorite nuts.

Cathy McLean
Bought the Pecans for a gift

The recipient of the sea salt pecans said they were tasty. Always nice to give a gift that’s appreciated.