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As we make our living off the land, we try to minimize waste and be good stewards of our environment.  We use our pecan shells as mulch, but it makes good blast media as well.  When we trim or lose trees, we try to offer wood for smoking.  Our waste can be your gain.  For mulch or smoking wood, please contact us for availability.  Bulk and small package pricing is available.  

Pecan Shell Mulch

Pecan shells make great landscaping mulch.  With a pleasing reddish brown color, pecan shells keep small animals at bay as they don't like to travel on the sharp edges.  The shells are also great for the soil as the shells break down and release natural oils.  Pecan mulch is more durable than standard wood mulches and last much longer.  

For bulk purchasing, please contact us at for availability and pricing. 

Contact us at or call (402) 525-8071.

Pecan Wood for Smoking